31_baloonLogging“In the woods we often talked about flying logs. One outfit that has been doing a lot more than talk is the Bohemia Lumber Company. I’ve followed this with the keenest of interest and began this painting for the series. When delivering shrubbery to Larry Chapman and his lovely wife, they very courteously gave much data, another shrubbery order and dinner. Her brother Faye stopped in and invited me to watch the logging over by Oakridge. A writer friend, Anne Hinds, drove me over. This was weirdly impressive. I have been scrounging for ideas to improve it ever since. This, the third try, was on the lower Umpqua. The first two were like kites built of inflated sausages. In Colorado the U.S.F.S. picked up a small log with a small balloon. They had several men with line to control it. The F. S. has made this possible by specified sales.” – written by Howard B. Taylor