13_horsePower“Horse power required unusual conditions to allow this system to work and compete with steam so it remained unique. It is a novelty which makes it of interest. It is included only to illustrate the endless ingenuity of the Oregon loggers who, like this one, probably logged as a means to another end such as clearing a farm on which to ‘retire.’ He is more interested in raising stock than timber as the burn has been seeded to grass and is ideal pasture. He used the same team to do his farming, haul logs, and to log to the rollways. The railroad was built through his property and as this project broke that company the railroad was abandoned while the timber remained.

This man probably never dreamed that his sons or grandsons would live to see a scarcity of timber great enough to make timber raising more profitable than stock raising. Few places will remain in small plots of land which can be used as ranch homes.” – written by Howard B. Taylor