Scientific Name: Falco columborius Wingspan/Size: 10”-12”

How to identify them:

They are dark, sleek falcons with a streaked breast, roughly the size of a jay.

Where to find them in Oregon:

Occasional migrant and winter resident in Oregon. Has been seen in the Willamette Valley with proof of breeding there.

Preferred Habitat:

Same as most hawks and falcons.

General Behavior:

They fly straight and fast. Often seen hurtling into a flock of shorebirds or sparrows, pigeons or other small flocking birds. This is how it got its common name of pigeon hawk.

Nesting Behavior:

Nests on cliffs or trees. Nest is made of sticks and line with feathers, moss or shredded bark. eggs; 4 to 5 white with reddish brown tinge.


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