In the desert near Mt. Sinai as Moses tended the herds of his father-in-law, he saw a bush which burned but was not consumed. Out of the bush came a voice telling him that he is standing on holy ground and that he must remove his shoes, so he places them on a rock. He is told to go into Egypt again and command the Pharaoh to release the enslaved Israelite nation, now numbering over one million men, from slavery. The staff in his hand is to help him perform miracles to awe the Pharaoh. He hides his face in the belief that the to look upon God is to die and his body glows from the fire as he becomes transparent before an all knowing God.


The stone used for Moses is rhodonite. The dark mountains are obsidian and the fire of the volcano is carnelian agate and related stones. The burning bush is a moss agate.