29_saddleTank“These were used by large companies such as Weyerhauser and Georgia Pacific. One was used by Coos Bay Lumber Co. One is on display in Cottage Grove at the ‘Slow and Easy’ yard. They were 100 ton class. These would not work on more than a very few of the some thousand logging railroads which have been built here, but required heavier steel, mild curves, and a very professional road. Although having done much location work limited to 2% grade, sixteen degree curves, even if this necessitated tunneling, for Loraine Valley, this little jewel would have simply spread the still and rested on the ties if placed in service on our road. The maintenance of our roads was not adequate even for the little teakettles which we used. W, Haugherty became the owner. He was unique in his position, in asking his key help to make their own decisions.” – written by Howard B. Taylor